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Two becomes Five

by on May 7, 2012

Typically, after the Ocean City Rides, Mosey Monday is sparsely attended, and today was no exception.  I met Scott at the Rusty Bridge, and with no lights in sight, we pushed off as a duo.  On Jennings Road, Chip pulled in on his fixie and we were three.  As we moved down the trail, we caught sight of a light gaining on our easy pace, and soon Brian had joined in making us four.  Brian opted to remain on Old County Road instead of going into Round Bay and we were three again.  He waited for us at the end of the trail and we were 4.  Bryan was waiting for us at Glen Oban and we were five.  It was hard keeping track of all this coming and going, but we managed.

It was really a relatively uneventful morning ride, just one of those where the miles are banked and the routine is maintained.  I did push it some on my “Little Sprint Hill” while holding the wheel of Bryan, and logged my fastest time this year.  Just a few more seconds faster and I can claim that I’m back in full strength compared to last fall.

This Ride: 23.1 miles
Month: 267.2 miles
2012: 1865 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 15,718.6 miles

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