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Pacing the Recovering Wounded

by on May 17, 2012

The idea that I spent the morning “pacing the recovering wounded” makes it sound much more generous than it actually was.  But much of life is all in the perspective, and I’m sticking with it.

It didn’t take long for me to discover this morning that yesterday’s fast pace left my legs extra fatigued.  I hadn’t yet gone a mile when they started complaining that this would have been a good morning to let them stay in bed.  They didn’t like being told yesterday to hammer hard then ignored for the rest of the day as I sat.  Here I was, asking them to do more work this morning without proper care.  They will probably complain a bit more tomorrow since right after this morning’s ride I drove to Gettysburg for a meeting.  Sit in the car, sit in the meeting, sit in the car on the return.  This is not what active legs require.  Yet, while they complained, they complied with the request and we had a nice ride to the Rusty Bridge.

It took us all a little while to decide on the pace for the morning.  Some wanted another hammer session.  Dan was out for the first time in 5 days due to illness.  Another rider was back for the first time after some shoulder surgery and for once I could say to Dan that I would ride with him to keep him company.  He still is not well, but getting better.  Our pace was relatively easy, but wasn’t as slow as a Friday or Monday pace.  The fast guys were very fast.  We slow guys took our time and it was a good ride.  I did notice that when I wasn’t pressing the pace on this windy morning, our speed dropped off quite a bit.  It was a good morning to be out.  I’m enjoying riding in daylight these mornings.

Tomorrow is Ride Your Bike to Work Day, or as I like to call it, “Take Advantage of Ride Your Bike to Work Day Promotions (TARYB2WDP).  We will stop for a free coffee at the Big Bean in Severna Park, then ride to Annapolis for free refreshments, t-shirt, give-aways, etc. at the City Dock.  It will then be time to push off to accompany Mike to work, ride home, and then mow the lawn.  I love how Ride Your Bike to Word Day falls on my day off!  Maybe I’ll show you the “bling” from TARYB2WDP in tomorrow’s ride report.

This Ride: 20.3 miles
Month: 456.1 miles
2012: 2053.9 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 15,907.5 miles


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