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Just Another Day in the Saddle

by on May 23, 2012

Although some weather forecasts called for possible rain this morning, it was dry, clear, and beautiful.  Some SPP riders had an email dialog going “talking smack” so as the group pushed off from the Rusty Bridge there was some anticipation of a quick pace.  It was actually quite fun watching from the back of the peloton for the breakaway.  I never saw it happen.  No, really.  I watched for a break away and as long as I had eyes on the peloton, no one ever broke away.

Three of us remained on Old County Road rather than taking the loop through Round Bay.  Mike C and I were once again determined to reach the turn around point before the others caught us.  We made it with plenty of time remaining.  As we turned north again, the pace was fast, but not unreasonable until I sucked a large bug into my windpipe.

I saw the bug just at the last moment and felt it as it bounced first off the back of my throat and down just as I inhaled.  I could feel it lodged deeply.  Now, it is hard to go fast and hack up a bug.  So I slowed, coughed long and hard, and eventually dislodged it.  Now I was 50 yards back and it took a supreme effort to reattach to the peloton.  Just as I did, Mike called out that he had a flat.  The main group didn’t hear the announcement, so I slowed, came back and helped Mike attend to the flat.  After the repair Mike, Jim, and I backed off the pace and had a more leisurely finish to the ride.

This Ride: 22.5 miles
Month: 577.8 miles
2012: 2175.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 16,029.3 miles

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