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Utilitarian Biking

by on June 28, 2012

I was slow getting out of the house this morning.  I had very little energy.  I noticed right away the small saddle sore I have acting up, and it whispered to me to turn around and go back home.  I resisted.  When I arrived at the Rusty Bridge I announced that I’d be “sweeper” today.  My job as “sweeper” is to ride in such a way that anyone who is dropped by the fast crowd is not last.  They will get to ride with me.  It was a late night, the rides this week have “torn my legs up” and I needed to spin easy.  As it turns out, John Z’s brother from Indianapolis was in and the three of us rode the route at reasonable speed.  I made sure that the potholes were all pointed out to our new-to-this-route rider.  It was a nice morning ride.

But the riding was not over there.  Today, the bike was the linchpin in my transportation.  Lori had a meeting in Ellicott City.  Her car was getting new tires.  She took my car and I had the Kona as my primary mode of transportation.  From the auto repair shop I rode to my first meeting at another church, then rode in to work from there.  A couple of years ago I rode fairly regularly to work in the warm months, but after I started logging 20 plus miles a day, the short trip to work and back just didn’t seem worth the hassle any longer.  My commute is about 5 miles … round trip.

It is quite different wearing street clothes on the bike these days.  Long pants tucked into my socks or a reflective band around the ankles keeps the fabric away from the chain.  The pants have no chamois so the ride is a little harsh. (That’s why people keep asking about how I can stand to ride long distances.  They don’t know about the wonder of chamois!)  I attempt to keep a speed between “when will I ever get there?” and “arrive full of sweat”.  (No shower at work, only baby wipes.)  The forecast is for mid-90°F so I’m hoping the wind I generate will keep me relatively cool on the way home.  As I write this, I’m not done for the day.  The car is supposed to be done around noon.  If I were to guess, 3:00 is more likely.  I’ll still swing by the shop on my way home for lunch and then decide how much more of the day will be committed to getting around by bike.



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