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Excuses (I’ve got plenty of them)

by on July 10, 2012

The road to Hell, they say, is paved with good intentions.  I’d say it is paved with excuses.  Never underestimate the ability of excuses to derail a plan or to make life harder.  There is a fine line between reason and excuse.  I’ve crossed that line.

My list began with the Derecho.  No power = no water = no shower.  I also took that to mean no riding.  Did I neglect to mention that I have friends who invited me to visit their shower after a ride?  That turns a semi-reason into an excuse.

Then, after power was restored, I rode on Wednesday (July 4th), but kept it short.  The group was fast, I wasn’t, and it was warm and humid.  I rode most of the morning alone.  Shorter ride = excuse.

Thursday, I decided, was too hot to ride.  It was 85° F at 5:00 am.  (I’ve ridden in 100° + temps).  Excuse

Friday, I met the group at the Hard Bean in Annapolis.  I had a funeral to attend in Johnstown, PA and needed to leave town by 7:00 am to get there in time.  This was the one time in the past 11 days that I had a reason not to ride, rather than an excuse.

Saturday, I had invitations to ride, especially since I was way behind in miles.  I declined, since it was still hot, and I reserve Saturdays for home.  Excuse

Monday I got up, fully intending to ride.  Just as I was ready to head out the door, I discovered that it was raining.  Now that I’m not habituated, that was enough to put me back in bed until 6:30.  Excuse

Tuesday, today, I got up even though I had been sick all afternoon and evening yesterday.  I knew I didn’t have much energy but I also knew that if I didn’t ride this morning, tomorrow would be even tougher.  Accumulating no ride days just makes it hard to get out an do what is necessary.  Wow, was it work!  I paid for every one of those excuse days this morning.

It was an interesting ride.  My head really wasn’t into it.  I had to fight myself every step of the way.  I encountered a lot of broken glass within the first quarter mile.  I stopped and picked glass out of my tires for a few minutes before going much further.  There were a few pieces that were large enough that they would have eventually caused a flat.  My legs felt like logs.  It was humid.  But I made it to the Rusty Bridge where I knew the plan was for a fast cooperative ride.  I hung with the group as long as I could, which wasn’t all that long.  I was gapped as we got back onto the trail at the end of Jennings Road and could only watch as the 9 other riders pulled away.  I opted to remain on the trail this morning rather than ride Old County Road.  I didn’t even make it to the bridge over Joyce Lane before the other riders passed me.  I continued on to Glen Oban and simple stopped to wait for them to return.  I needed some rest.

As I waited at Glen Oban, I noted that the group had split into three groups.  The fast group continued on.  I waited while the slower two groups consolidated, and we rode back together.  I did kick it up my “Little Sprint Hill” and felt pretty good holding 22.5 mph on the hill.  We talked Tour de France and commented for quite some time on the speed that those riders had on the time trial yesterday.

The goal now is to ride the rest of the week, no matter the weather or conditions.  I’ve got to re-establish a rhythm for riding once again and regain the fitness I’ve lost during these awful 10 days.  I commit also to riding the whole ride … no cutting them short.

This Ride: 18 miles
Month: 37.6 miles
2012: 2993.2 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 16,846.9 miles




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  1. At the risk of being an enabler, let me say that your “excuses” seem to be perfectly reasonable to me and there is a fine line between passion and obsession. You stayed on the right side of the line. You have logged almost 3,000 miles in less than seven months and can hold your head high. There was a major storm that knocked power out in your house. The lack of a shower was only one challenge you faced. You had other priorities, and that’s ok for a period. It wasn’t “hot” this weekend, it was a record-setting heat with heat indeces above 115 degrees. And you’ve been sick. Jiminy Cricket, if these are valid reasons to take a breather, what is?

    Being off the bike is a bummer, but I don’t think excuse-making was your reason for it. Sometimes, it’s just the prudent thing to do. It’s good to see you back on the roads and I have no doubt you will once again be racking up ridiculously high amounts of mileage in no time.

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