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Simply Amazing – Take the Time to Watch

by on July 13, 2012

I received the following as a comment on this Blog.  I post it as it was presented and encourage you to  look at the links.  It is inspiring.

Dear RevRider,

How are you? We are currently producing a great documentary about a bunch of amazing cyclists and I thought of sending you some info in case you think you could talk about it on your site/newsletter. It is very inspirational and I think you will be interested.

We are following a group of cyclists as they prepare for the London 2012 Paralympic games. Juanjo lost his left arm and left leg in an accident 20 years ago and then he found cycling and has since become the Spanish cycling champion. Eli just took to cycling a few months ago after Juanjo raced by her car and now she is one tenth of a second away from qualifying to represent Spain at the Olympics. Them and a bunch of other cyclists formed the “Pirates Team”, a group of inspirational, socially committed cyclists that break all barriers and stereotypes and show how much good cycling can do for so many people.

You can watch two of our trailers here:

I am 100% certain that you will find them inspiring.

They only take a few minutes s to watch and the more people that watch them will help our page hits increase and that may help us find sponsors/patrons.

Can I ask a big favour? If you like them, can you cut and paste these links and send them on to friends and colleagues please or publish them on your facebook page or site? And if you are on facebook you could add as a friend –

Or you can download the press pack here: (Spanish) (English)

And finally, if you want to give me any feedback, then I really look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks and best wishes.

DanielPolanco on behalf of
Richard Galvani

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