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by on July 27, 2012

You get extra points for knowing this number.  It’s a song from Tommy Tutone, “867-5309/Jenny”.  There was a lengthy online discussion yesterday about this song after one rider got it stuck in his head during a 45 minute ride.  That is maddening!  The online discussion continued while we were chowing down breakfast sandwiches and red velvet cake & ice cream for breakfast on a very warm and humid morning.  The ride for me was really two rides, but not very evenly broken up.

The ride to Annapolis was a very gentle and comfortable pace.  There were times my heart rate dipped below 100 for short periods of time as I pushed the fixie along the way.  We saw two fawns on Boulter’s.  We saw a few “squnnies”.  We enjoyed a nice sunrise and good company.

The second ride began at the Naval Academy Bridge.  It was more of an effort and had me in much higher heart rate zones and sweating heavily.  On the fixie, the descent onto the bridge has me spinning my legs at very high cadence and even though I’m not working the same way I am while climbing the hill, my heart has to work to keep up with my legs.  After spinning a cadence of 155 rpm and going nearly 35 mph, I transition into a climb to the peak of the hill, then after cresting the top of the bridge, the spinning begins all over again with the descent, but maybe only to about 30 mph.  By the time we turn into Annapolis on King George Street, my heart rate is high enough to bring on a heavy sweat and the goal is to calm all this down by the time I walk into Hard Bean.  After breakfast, this more challenging ride continued, so that by the time I ended my ride after only 32 miles, I was drenched and I had rivers of sweat running down my face.

It is all good.  Two hours of exercise with a break at the mid point for coffee, breakfast sandwich, dessert and fine conversation.  What more can you ask for?

Bryan and Chip were in their own world.  They are riding a 1200 k in about a month and are trying to work out some of the logistics ahead of time.  It was fun to listen to the planning.

This Ride: 32.4 miles
Month: 362.9 miles
2012: 3,318.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 17,172.3 miles

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