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And July Draws to a Close

by on July 31, 2012

Other than January of this year when I was off the bike because of surgery, I have to go back to November of 2010 to have a month when I rode fewer miles than July 2012.  To me, that is a disturbing number.  I resolve to pick that up in August.

This morning’s ride was a comfortable, conversational pace.  I simply enjoyed the ride.  Bryan and Mike C also rode this pace, and Cliff joined us for the second half.  It was free ranging conversation and we really didn’t push it hard at any point.

The sun is coming up later and later these days.  I’ve gone back to wearing ankle reflectors especially for the ride to the Rusty Bridge.  I’m inconsistent with the reflective belt right now, but that will soon become a standard.  Sunrise is at 6:06 and Civil Twilight is 5:36.  On Jennings Road we are consistently meeting a pickup truck whose driver has only the parking lights on (at about 5:50).  We are encountering cyclists who are wearing dark clothing and no headlights.  As it gets progressively darker in the mornings, people who have grown accustomed to the lighter mornings of summer have yet to adapt.  I called out “you are hard to see” to several riders this morning.  I doubt it will do much good.  Most of them were riding without helmets too.  I ride with a headlight and flashing taillight more to be seen than to see.

July draws to a close.  She went by quickly.

This Ride: 22.2 miles
Month: 407.2 miles
2012: 3,362.8 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 17,216.5 miles


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