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Where oh where has the Revrider gone?

by on August 23, 2012

Someone asked me today if I had been riding since I last posted here nearly 2 weeks ago.  Answer, “Yes”.

Anything significant happen on those rides?  Answer, “Yes/No”.

There are a few stories, but they will go untold at this point.

The sun is rising later meaning we are riding in darkness longer.  Many of the other trail users have not yet adapted to the dark so those of us with lights have to be more alert.  Spider webs are ubiquitous, with some of them nearly having the strength to stop a bike and rider (if for nothing else than to brush the critter off your body).

Since last Friday, every ride has been on the fixie as I begin preparations for a 300+ mile “day” of riding in October.

And I’ve been extremely busy at work and busy getting randonneuring routes worked out.

I’ve not got the miles in that I wanted to this month.  It is a good thing months are only around 30-31 days long so a fresh start is available.

Month: 426.9 miles
2012: 3,789.8 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 17,643.4 miles

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