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Where did that rain come from?

by on August 28, 2012

I get up.  It is 0-dark:45.  I check the radar.  Nothing shows.  I get ready.  I remove my fender.  I climb on the bike and push out of the house around 5:20 am.  It is warm (75°F) and humid.  I’m on the fixie for the 8th ride in a row.  Arriving at the Rusty Bridge a little early I encounter one of our newbies.  We chat a little as we remove spider webs that had accumulated across bikes, helmets, face, arms and legs.  Soon enough, the group arrives and we push off for a relatively easy pace.  I notice another newbie, Todd is riding slower than the rest, and so 1/3 of the way into the ride, I join Clint & Mike C with him.  Todd came with no headlight and no taillight.  He was surprised by how dark it was at 5:45.

We had nice conversation.  The pace was easy off the back of the main group.  Then, as we approached Severna Park from the south, we noticed dark, foreboding clouds, and soon enough encountered a light sprinkle.  As we moved further north, the light sprinkle turned into a very light rain.  Clint said he saw the little green blob on the radar before he left home, but none of the rest of us did. Oh well, a little unexpected rain at these temperatures near the end of a ride really doesn’t matter much.

It was a nice ride.  It was good to share enthusiasm for this sport with a new (to the group) rider.

This Ride: 22.5 miles
Month: 532.1 miles
2012: 3,895 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 17,748.6 miles

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