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Morning is a Pretty Time to Ride

by on August 31, 2012

It’s Friday!  That means Friendly-Fixie-Friday, breakfast in Annapolis and a gentle ride with friends.  We get to watch the entire sunrise from the saddle of a bike on these mornings, and we were not disappointed.  We were greeted by a spectacular blue moon before sunrise, magnificent color of the sunrise over the Chesapeake Bay, cheerful staff at the coffee shop, and gracious George, the crossing guard is back on duty now that school is in session.  We’ve made George an honorary member of the club.  While at breakfast we chatted by phone with Bryan and Chip who are finishing a 1200k ride in North Carolina today and learned that our friend Bill (riding a 1000k) was able to get a replacement bike for his that broke and he is back on track for completion of his ride.

On Fridays we have to be much more alert at trail/road intersections because we ride a little later than usual.  This time, there were only two “challenging” encounters that were safely negotiated without anyone yelling or causing problems to one another.  Mike C nearly joined the kill a squirrel with your bike club, but at the last moment, the squirrel pulled in it’s tail and not a hair on the squirrel was harmed.  Can’t say the same for Mike though.  He lost at least a minute of his life … as he saw his life flash before his eyes.

It was a good morning.  I only got 30 miles in because of a long list of work and home responsibilities.  I’m still disappointed with the month’s total mileage, but at least many of the rides were on the fixie giving me the benefit of more work with less distance.

Speaking of the fixie, this ends the riding of the first year of the fixie.  I put it in service on September 2nd of last year.  I’ve logged 2,300 miles on the fixie in that time, with two rides over 100 miles and a top speed of 37.5 mph.  I expect my next milestone will be a 200k ride on the fixie in November.

This Ride: 29.9 miles
Month: 604.3 miles
2012: 3,967.1 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 17,820.8 miles

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