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Where O Where Has the RevRider Been?

by on October 3, 2012

Does that last post really read September 11th?  Has it really been 3 weeks?

In that time I’ve ridden, worked very long hours getting ready to leave on vacation, and went to the Alabama Gulf Coast for a week.

I finally got back on the bike this morning.

I’ve also been prepping for the Epic October Ride.  That’s where the focus is this week.

Epic October Ride includes:

  • A Friday 7:00 pm start for an overnight 200k from Stevensville, MD to Salisbury, MD.
  • Riding the Seagull Century on Saturday.
  • A 130k return trip from Salisbury, MD to Stevensville, MD

That’s right, I anticipate about 315 miles by the time we are done Saturday evening.  (That doesn’t count the 25 miles for the breakfast ride Friday morning.)  By the end of the week I should have more miles in October than I accomplished in all of September.

I’ve made two purchases for this Epic October Ride:

First was the Axiom Atlas Handlebar Bag.  I’m guessing I’ll need some carry space for 300+ miles with many of those miles without food or water service.

Atlas Axiom Handlebar Bag

Second was this nice accessory mount from VeloOrange.  It brings the Garmin and the headlight forward and up a little higher for better visibility and to give more room on the handlebars.

Now it is a matter of getting the bike cleaned up, new tires on, and install new brakes.  I’ll be ready to go.

This Ride: 21.7 miles
Month: 21.7 miles
2012: 4,381.3 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 18,235 miles

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