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Two Breakfast Rides in a Row

by on October 13, 2012

After last weekend’s 235 mile ride, I suffered.  The immediate recovery work after the ride was the worst it could be.  A few beers.  No protein/food.  Sit in an extended cab of a pickup truck with legs cramped into an immovable position for 90 minutes.  My muscles were sore.  I had some sciatica in my left leg.  I rode Wednesday morning a few miles, but it was painful.

And then there was Friendly Fixie Friday.  I really enjoy those.  I felt better.  I was regaining strength.  My legs didn’t hurt as much.  It was a nice day.

Today, with Lori out of town, I had the rare opportunity to ride the Saturday morning breakfast ride.  I woke up 15 minutes before the ride was to start and quickly grabbed what I needed for the chilliest ride of the season.  It was 35° F, and I was late enough that I simply caught the few riders along the trail rather than the meet up spot at the Rusty Bridge.  We had a nice, slow, easy pace, and met up with some regulars at the Hard Bean in Annapolis.  There were no incidents, close calls, or challenges.  We rode, talked, and enjoyed the crisp fall weather.  We lingered long at the Hard Bean as others trickled in.  I rode with 2 others to the coffee shop and left with 6.

It will now be Wednesday before I ride again.  I’ll be at a conference.

This Ride: 22.6 miles
Month: 372.9 miles
2012: 4,732.5 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 18,586.2 miles


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