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A Little Sleet

by on November 7, 2012

In order to validate that winter riding is upon us, Mother Nature gave us a little surprise this morning.  With at least 9 riders out on a warmer-than-yesterday ride, a light sprinkle mixed with sleet began to fall near the end of the ride.  There is an 80% chance of snow in the near-term forecast.  Yes, we are moving into winter riding.

I’m always amazed at the clothing decisions necessary during the winter.  A 5° F change completely alters the choices that need to be made.  But that is not the only consideration.  Other factors include wind speed, planned exertion, humidity/moisture levels, and length of ride.  Each of these has a significant impact on the clothing layers needed for a comfortable ride.  This morning the other factor was that I couldn’t find one article of clothing that was perfect for these conditions … my skull cap with ear flaps.  I found an alternative, but I need to find this soon.

We quickly divided into two groups of riders this morning.  Young Republicans were grumbling about the outcome of the Presidential election and were soon off the front with their need to burn off some frustration.  Older Democrats rode a more leisurely pace, although it was still pretty quick.  It’s not a perfect description of how we divided up this morning, but pretty close.

Near the end of the ride, we lost track of a rider.  He was there one minute and not there the next.  We doubled back looking for him, didn’t see him, and finally sent Dan out to ride back home along the route to find out if he was still back there.  I haven’t yet heard the result, but I suspect a pinch flat because the last time I saw him was when he hit a pothole pretty hard. (Sure enough … he flatted.  Dan found him and all is good.)

I’ve decided to attempt to get an appointment to see a Chiropractor today or tomorrow.  This sciatica is causing me a lot of pain.

This Ride: 19.3 miles
Month: 91.9 miles
2012: 5,067.3 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 18,920.9 miles

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