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What a Difference a Day Makes

by on November 20, 2012

Yesterday: 43° F – Today: 47° F

Yesterday: 3 riders – Today: 10 riders

Yesterday: we all rode together – Today: we had very fluid groups

Yesterday: we encountered two walkers on the trail – Today: there were a lot of people out (most without reflective gear)

Yesterday: a good pace up Brandywine hill – Today: a faster pace up Brandywine hill

Yesterday: 30.5 mph downhill on the fixie – Today: 35.5 mph downhill on the fixie (yes, I exceeded the speed limit)

Yesterday: a good ride – Today: a good ride

I’ve thought about what someone asked me the other day.  They wondered if the routine of riding ever grew stale.  I’d have to say that maybe a little.  I don’t have to think about the route.  One day is pretty much like the others except for the specific hazards and encounters.  We know how one another ride so following distance is adjusted automatically.  I know every pothole on the route.  We miss riders who have not been out for a while.  I know when I’ll get home.

But the routine is also good.  When the alarm rings at 4:45 am, I don’t think twice about getting up.  I go through the morning routines with little thought and the decisions that get made have to do with weather only.

We mix it up occasionally.  Friday we will go into Baltimore for breakfast instead of Annapolis.  That will be fun.

This Ride: 22.2 miles
Month: 376.2 miles
2012: 5,351.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 19,205 miles

(Dare I shoot for 6,000 miles for the year … an embarrassingly small goal … and for 20,000 miles by year end?)


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