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An Easy to Make Glove Dryer

by on November 29, 2012

The Problem

  • On a cold winter ride, warm gloves become damp gloves if your hands stay warm.  Let your fingers freeze and you likely will have dry gloves at the end of the ride. I’d rather have warm hands.
  • Sometimes getting those gloves dry before the next ride is a challenge.  If action is not taken, the gloves I wear will likely be damp even the next morning.  Damp gloves means cold hands.

The Solution

  • Last year, Dan O created a device upon which the glove was placed and then the contraption was put on floor vents.  I took Dan’s design, adapted it slightly, and voila!

It is a 6 inch piece of PVC shoved into a base which allows the vent heat to move through.  Clothes hanger wire was used to create the top.  Electrical tape reinforces the glued on wire and reduces the likelihood of snags.  Cost was minimal.  Construction time was about 15 minutes.

Result: Dry gloves very soon after placing them on the device.


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