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Year in Review

by on December 31, 2012

I’m putting 2012 to bed, but before I do, it is time for a little nostalgia and review of the year of cycling.

First, 2012’s Goals as stated in December last year:

2012 Goals

  1. Distance Goal = 7,500 miles
  2. Longest Ride = Successful completion of the Flèche (at least 360k)
  3. Randonneruing = I’d like to complete an R-24
  4. Blog = I want this to be much more than a simple ride report blog.  I’m still working out that vision.
  5. Maintenance = I want to do even more of my own maintenance.
  6. Have fun = The most important goal of all!

I thought I had more goals than that!  I guess that’s what I get for remembering and not actually consulting them.

Here is how I did:

  1. Missed the distance goal by a lot!  I’d like to blame the foot surgery for the bulk of it, but there were plenty of other factors.  
  2. Completed the Flèche!  It was the #1 accomplishment of the year.
  3. The R-24 was an optimistic goal.  My failure to complete a 200k in the 6 days before my surgery compromised the goal and recovery both physically and attitudinally took longer than I anticipated.  I restarted my second R-12 in August.
  4. Good intentions.  I have a new domain at
  5. Accomplished!  I’ve done a lot more maintenance and have kept the bikes out of the shop, saving $$.
  6. I had a lot of fun on the bike this year.

Two friends had serious crashes this year. Bryan was launched over his bike and landed face first on the pavement.  He has now been off the bike 3 months and recovery is taking a long time.  Dan was hit by a garbage truck and has a fractured femur and clavicle.  He will miss January completely.  Two riders had injuries not related to cycling that cost them time in the saddle.  I was hit with a bout of sciatica, and have been riding through the pain with the help of a chiropractor.

Big Accomplishments for 2012

  1. Completed the Flèche.  This was no small task coming off foot surgery.  Team Chain Reaction rode 237.8 miles in 24 hours on a very hilly route with some overnight rain in April.  It was a great day.
  2. I rode to Ocean City on the fixie!  In May I rode the fixie 115 miles solo (in the rain) for my longest fixie ride.   Now that was an accomplishment!  I had hoped for a 200k on the fixie, but that didn’t happen.
  3. I became a RUSA route owner.  Over the course of the year, I developed 4 routes for RUSA and have had them ridden 31 times.  The inaugural ride was our ride overnight to the Seagull Century for a 235 mile day.  We had planned for many more miles, but this was enough.

By the numbers

  • Miles ridden: 5942
  • Days ridden: 191
  • Miles on Kona: 3558
  • Miles on Fixie: 2314
  • Flats: 2, one on each bike
  • Longest Day: 237.8
  • Rides over 100 miles: 10

What’s next?

  1. Flèche 2013.  The route is nearly done.  We are looking for one replacement team member.  April 6-7 is the date.
  2. 200k on the fixie.
  3. Develop a 200k from Stevensville to Ocean City so that when we do some of our long rides, we can get “credit” for them.
  4. Complete second R-12.
  5. Blog changes
  6. Mileage Goal: Can I make 8,000 this year?  I’ll definitely complete my trip around the world this year.  Only 5,106 miles to go!
  7. See sunrises and sunsets from the bike … and have more fun than I deserve.


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  1. It is a rare person that can log 5,900+ miles and fall short of a mileage goal. Likewise, logging “only” 191 rides due to foot surgery is VERY impressive. Congratulations on a great 2012 and I very much look forward to your exploits in 2013, including whatever you’ve got up your sleeve for the blog. You were one of the first sites I turned to when I rejoined cycling in 2010 and I’ve been enjoying your posts ever since.

    • ponderingpastor permalink

      Thanks for the kind words. We will meet yet!

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