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Milestone Achieved (In Spite of a Multi-Modal Conspiracy to Thwart It)

by on January 15, 2013

The cumulative odometer clicked over 20,000 miles (since January 1, 2010) this morning.  Almost everything during the ride conspired to make this difficult.  For instance:

  • Traffic was unusually heavy as I moved toward the Rusty Bridge.  I caught the one traffic light poorly.
  • There is a bunny that is missing a few tail hairs.  His attempt to dislodge me from the bike without actually getting run over was a failure.
  • A walker and a bike rider, both in the middle of the trail without lights or reflectors, separately were missed by inches when they were seen at the last moment.
  • A cold, steady rain began falling just as I reached the Rusty Bridge.  It was 40° F.
  • Do you know how dark it is in the pre-dawn raining morning?  Even on the brightest setting, a headlight doesn’t illuminate much.  Potholes were filled with water making their depth unknown.  Headlights of oncoming cars make every drop of moisture on the eye wear sparkle and shine so that I was completely blinded.

That’s right, I enjoyed the ride … every moment of it.  I rode with Clint and we chatted.  Our conversation turned to participation in some very long upcoming rides.  He is encouraging me to ride the Super Randonneur Series and to qualify for a 1200k (745 miles).  There is something attractive about all that.

But mostly, I thought about all those miles I’ve ridden in the past 3 years.  It has been, as they say, quite a ride.

This Morning’s Ride: 22.6 miles
Month: 229.5 miles
2013: 229.5 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 20,002.4 miles

(Next Milestone: 24,901.55 miles, distance around the earth at the equator)

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One Comment
  1. Congratulations! You wouldn’t want it to come easily, would you? 🙂

    Super Randonneur would be very impressive. Me, I’m muddling a 300k. Baby steps…

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