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A Chilly Morning Ride

by on February 21, 2013

When I saw the forecast last night for this morning’s temperatures, I wanted to stay in bed.  But then, I thought of poor Dan, out riding his bike all alone, and I set the alarm to get up and get out there.

It was 24° F at 5:30 when I pushed my way out the door.  Twenty-four is not so bad.  It was 23 on Monday when we started, so I had the clothing dialed in to remain comfortable.  That experience matters.

Arriving at the Rusty Bridge, I was surprised to see Matt and Ravi … but no Dan.  All of us wondered where he was as we pushed off.  By the time we hit Robinson Road, we were convinced that it would be the three of us (all on fixies by the way) and we settled in for the morning.

What yonder light breaks?  At Glen Oban, there was Dan!  He fell back asleep after the alarm sounded, and woke again just as we were pushing off from the Rusty Bridge.  He endured the ribbing and the four of us settled into a reasonable pace that allowed conversation and still gave us a workout.

It was a quiet morning.  Dawn arrived gently.  Despite the heavier than usual traffic on B&A Blvd, there were no incidents to report.  Clothing choices worked perfectly.  I arrived home without being chilled to the bone.

This morning’s ride is what are called “base miles”.

This Ride: 18.6 miles
Month: 270.8 miles
2013: 686.9 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 20,459.8 miles

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  1. I like the statement, “Twenty-four is not so bad.” I said something similar to my mom (after doing the commute in 15°) who lives in Florida. She was horrified. Forty is bad enough for her!

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