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Flèche Countdown: 19 Days

by on March 18, 2013

Each day ticks a day closer to the Flèche (April 6-7).  Each ride is another “link in the chain of events” leading to successful completion with Team Chain Reaction.  Base miles and one more 200k (minimum) are still on the calendar.  Soon it will be time to accumulate the gear.

The bike is ready with new tires/tubes, cables, chain rings, bottom bracket, handlebar tape, and a tune up.  The fixie has been put to bed for now since the Kona will be my ride for those 24 hours, and all hours leading up to the ride.  Weather or fatigue are no longer acceptable excuses/reasons to stay in bed these early mornings.  Fatigue is part of the plan.

This morning’s ride was cool and dark with occasional very light snow flurries.  The wind was brisk.  I overdressed.

This Ride: 22.5 miles
Month: 262.4 miles
2013: 1066.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 20,839.5 miles

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  1. “Fatigue is part of the plan.” So true! Looking forward to the seeing you at the finish!

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