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Flèche Countdown: 11 Days

by on March 26, 2013

Yesterday’s snow melted enough in the afternoon that roadways were wet this morning.  Temperatures hovered around freezing and places on the B&A Trail were reported to be either icy or quite dangerous (especially the wooden bridges) so we opted for the Winter/Snow Route this morning.  I believe this is the first time in the last two winters that we’ve used that route!  Four of us were out including two scofflaws who were ticketed over the weekend for crossing at a red light on their bikes.  They had stopped, waited for some time to see if the light would trigger, then crossed when it was safe to do so once they were convinced they would have to wait for a car to trigger the sensor.  The police officer was insistent on ticketing them.

All talk now is on the Flèche.  Tomorrow the 10 day forecast reaches the start of the ride, and it will begin the planning for clothing choices.  I wouldn’t mind a heat wave.

The ride was uneventful.  We negotiated excess salt, some piles of snow, and only one or two slippery spots.  More of the snow should disappear today, and hopefully the pavement will dry out also.

This Ride: 18 miles
Month: 453.6 miles
2013: 1257.7 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 21,030.6 miles

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