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Flèche Countdown: 8 Days

by on March 29, 2013

It was a good Friday breakfast ride.

Rainlegs on bike - Black - Press photo aangepast 300 dpi

Behind the scenes:

I purchased a pair of Rainlegs ( in the event that the Flèche becomes wet.  These rain chaps roll up to form a “belt” and can be transitioned into protection for legs and knees in the event of cold or rain.  This would have been nice to have last year.  I’m pretty impressed with these and will write a review after I use them on a ride.

We’ve been grumbling just a little at the colder than average temperatures we’ve been having.  Lows have been 10-15° F below normal for the past several weeks.  A wide temperature range complicates the clothing choices for the Flèche, especially if lows are below 40-45°.

For extra motivation, I recently added an annual “Personal Record” page on my ride log spreadsheet that notes date, time, and speed for selected Strava segments.  Not all of my previous years’ rides are logged on Strava, but this year they are all there.  I set a Personal Record on one segment today and will routinely be working to set annual PRs and eventually challenge my bests from other years too.

This Ride: 29.6 miles
Month: 504.4 miles
2013: 1308.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 21,081.5 miles

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