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Flèche = T-2 Days

by on April 4, 2013

Each day this week, the weather has been getting colder.  I expect the opposite in April.  It was below freezing this morning and the frost was thick on the roofs of houses and cars.  Still, we came out for the morning ride, my last significant ride before the Flèche on Saturday.

The riders were sparse this morning.  Four of the Flèche riders were out, and we kept the pace reasonable.  Mike B and I talked some logistics.

Later today I’ll make my final bike preparations.  I’m out of town all day tomorrow, so this will be my last chance to get all  the details together.  The list is long and detailed so it will take some time.  The trick is to pack only what I need in terms of clothing, even with a few unknowns.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll drive to breakfast to give my legs a rest.  The next post will likely be my ride report from the Flèche.

I decided to look at last year’s ramp up to the Flèche just to compare preparation numbers.  The week before the ride, I had 4 rides (including Friday) with 95 miles on the 7 days prior and 584 miles in the 30 days prior.  Temps were pretty consistently in the 40’s for those morning rides.  I had 1140 miles on the year just before the big ride.  This year, those same numbers, in the same order are 4 rides, 81 miles, 492 miles and 1389 miles on the year.  Temps have been in the 30’s, averaging about 10 degrees cooler.

This Ride: 18.8 miles
Month: 81.1 miles
2013: 1389.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 21,162.5 miles

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