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Short Absence

by on April 23, 2013

I’ll be away from the blog for a couple of weeks.  I’m also going to be off my bike for those two weeks.

In the interim I’ll need to get the bike checked out.  In a very fast (24 mph+)paceline this morning, three of us hit a large stick on the trail.  After that, my bike felt wobbly at speeds over 20 mph.  When I returned home, I noticed that my non-drive side rear wheel spokes seem to be loose.  Yes, all of them.

We had a nice Tuesday coffee ride this morning, finishing at the Big Bean.

So ends the month of April for me.  It was a good month.  I had 18 days on the bike.  I banked some miles (rode more than I planned).  Pushed the fixie over 4000 miles and rode the Flèche.  I had some fastest rides for the year.  Looking ahead, May holds promise.

This Ride: 18.8 miles
Month: 636.7 miles
2013: 1945.3 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 21,718.2 miles

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