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Guess the Direction of the Wind

by on May 30, 2013

I’m in Ocean City, Maryland.  I’m going to be sitting all day in meetings.  I had better ride my bike.

I grabbed my bike kit from yesterday’s hot ride and offended myself as I pulled on the stinky gear.  Off I went to the north, gradually picking up speed.  I caught all the traffic lights green and I kept moving up the gears.  It is a gorgeous sunrise off to my right, starting deep red and gradually resolving to a bright white.

Five mile lap timer goes off: 18.7 mph average.

The buildings begin to get a little further apart, and soon I am moving into Delaware onto Fenwick Island.  The road is mostly devoid of vehicles.  It is still very early.

Five mile lap timer goes off: 19.7 mph average.  This is feeling great!  With a planned ride of about 20 miles, I look for the turnaround on this divided highway and within .3 miles find one.  I turn around and am immediately riding a different ride.  I keep grinding away.

Five mile lap timer goes off: 14.8 mph average.

I was expecting a phone call from home, so I had an earbud in, and sure enough, the call came in.  I kept riding and grinding away.  I watched the destination get closer and kept working it.  At a traffic light, a guy on a scooter pulls up with a vacuum cleaner between his legs.  He lights up a cigarette and pulls away.  Counting down the miles.  I’m tired of wind.

Five mile lap timer goes off: 15.2 mph average.

The hotel is in sight.  Just half a mile to go.  Legs are burning.  Done!

This Ride: 20.6 miles
Month: 590.6 miles
2013: 2535.9 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 22,308.8 miles

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