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What a Difference A Day Makes!

by on June 4, 2013

What a difference a day makes!  A cold front rumbled through last night bringing temperatures down 10 degrees, humidity way down, clear skies and simply gorgeous.  Six or 8 riders were out for a quick day without it being an uncomfortable speed.  We caught up on recent long rides, including Clint’s 600k over the weekend.  The trail was busy with walkers and bikers, a real testament to how pleasant it is now in the early mornings, and the fact that for the next month or so it is the peak of daylight early.

Near the end of the ride we had a little sprint contest up a small hill.  I kicked it from position 4 in line.  Jeff S stayed on my wheel and Clint came along.  I crested the hill in front but was quickly passed as I sat up and coasted.  We were still breathing hard when we pulled into The Big Bean for Tuesday Coffee.

It is mornings like this that keep me riding.

Last evening I registered for a 600k (380 miles in 40 hours) in October.  That will be in North Carolina with Mike B.  There is plenty of time to train and focus on the details for this longest ride for me.  Fair warning to those who are pledging.  That one weekend might need to go into your budget planning ahead of time.

This Ride: 21.2 miles
Malaria Campaign: 41.2 miles
Funds Pledged: $11.12

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