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That Will be Enough of That!

by on June 26, 2013

As I approach the end of the month, I’m increasingly aware of two things.  One is that I’m riding pretty fast these days (for the most part) and two, that I don’t have nearly the miles logged as I would like.  The first is intentional.  The second is unintentional.

This morning, in an attempt to erase the “slow” day yesterday, I hit the pedals hard for the first 4 miles, then kept the pressure up for the rest.  My warm-up was very fast.  The rest of the ride was pretty quick too.

Part of what I’m doing these days is an exercise strategy I read about in the New York Times.  It seems that just four minutes of exercise at 90% of maximum heart rate three times a week is enough to increase your ability to use oxygen more efficiently (cardio vascular fitness).  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that 4 minutes at this level of exercise is very hard work.  But it is my goal, and on the bike it requires more speed.  I think I came pretty close to 4 minute stretches today on a couple of the sections of the route.

But, that is enough of that.  Tomorrow and Friday the plan is for a much easier pace.  I’m riding a 327k ride on Saturday.  For the metric system challenged, that’s just over 200 miles.  We have a 4:00 am start in Chester, MD and nearly a dozen of us are planning to ride at least part of the ride together.  Easy spins are the order for the next two days.

This will be month 11 in my quest for another R-12 award.  I just need to finish the ride.  Watch here for a report sometime this weekend.

This Ride: 22.1 miles
Malaria Campaign: 421.4 miles
Funds Pledged: $147.49
Contributed in support: $600

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