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A Break in the Heat = Fast Ride

by on July 25, 2013

When the weather forecasters were saying that we would be riding Thursday morning in temperatures below 70° F, why would we believe them?  The last time that happened was a month ago!  But there it was when I got up … 67°.  I knew that would be trouble.  This was Thursday.  Dennis was going to ride.  Dennis likes to go fast.

Six riders met at the Rusty Bridge.  Marcus was anxious and ready to go.  When the clock turned to 5:45 Marcus was off like a flash, Dennis chased him down, and Dan showed them what speed was.  We were above 23 mph in no time, flying down the trail close on one another’s wheels.  I prepared to be dropped several times within the first few miles.  I wasn’t ready for this kind of speed.  I held on down Jennings Road and touched 30 mph for the first of three times this morning.  I hung on to Robinson Road.  I hung on to Riggs.  I started to drift back on Old County Road but knew I had a chance when 4 riders went right to take in Askewton’s hill.  I passed Julee’s house breathing hard but about 3-4 minutes ahead of our usual pace.  Dave was ahead sometimes 100 yards, sometimes 300 yards.  I continued to push with my heart rate in the red zone.  Back on the trail, I attempted to maintain at least 20 mph, but watched it drop to 18 a few times.  Then, with a few headlights in my rear view mirror, I kicked it again, covering the last mile or so at about 22-23 mph.  It was all a solo effort from Old County Road to the end of the trail.

Turning north, we headed into a headwind.  I rode with Dave until Dennis blew by and Dave grabbed his wheel.  When Mike and Dan came by fast, I grabbed their wheel, moving from my recovery of 16 mph to 21 mph in a heartbeat.  We stayed together through the end of the ride, flying down the road pretty quickly.

At the end of the ride, I was spent.  It was not my fastest day by any means.  To do that any more requires just the right conditions and pretty fresh legs.  Two hundred miles this week is not fresh legs.  But I’m loving the weather!

I haven’t been on the fixie in over a month.  I think I’ll make sure this afternoon that she is ready to ride, and take her on the Breakfast Ride tomorrow.

This Ride: 21.7 miles
Malaria Campaign: 1144.1 miles
Funds Pledged: $572.05
Contributed in support: $1,487.60

Total = $2,059.65

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