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It is This Kind of Ride that Keeps Me In It

by on August 16, 2013

There was only one thing lacking this morning … friends to accompany me.  Everything else was near perfect.

This ride was the one I had hoped would be the ride for the entire week.  My speed came up.  I had some good long hills, both up and down.  Temperatures were just high enough that no extra clothing was necessary and the reflective vest I’ve been wearing this week was not overly warm.

Random observations:

  • Many of the early morning cyclists in this city are taking their lives into their hands; no rear blinking light, sometimes no headlight, & ignoring traffic lights (I’ll admit, I blew through nearly 20 of them today myself.)
  • Penn Avenue inside 376/30 is a mess.  Potholes, patches, craters, & the like keep the challenges high.  Outside 376/30 is not bike friendly but is certainly built for cars and is the suburban riding I’m accustomed to.
  • One driver (outside 376/30) found my presence a problem.  A 3-4 second horn blast was pretty ineffective in getting me to leave the roadway.  The horn was so wimpy that I could have shouted over it.  My presence delayed that person a full 2 seconds.  They had to slow down about 5 mph.
  • I’ve not experienced before the ability to move faster than the general flow of traffic.  I thoroughly enjoy that, especially when going downhill at 30 mph.
  • I’m looking forward to getting back to riding on trails and quiet neighborhood streets where I know every pothole.



This Ride: 20 miles
Malaria Campaign: 1,550.4 miles
Funds Pledged: $775.20
Contributed in support: $1,903.60

Total = $2,678.80

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