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Birthday Ride!

by on August 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

For the last 4 birthdays, the goal has been to ride my age in miles on my birthday (or within a day of it).  Today was the perfect day for a birthday ride … it being my birthday after all.

There were 13 of us at the Rusty Bridge for the breakfast ride to Annapolis.  That made me a little nervous.  I planned to treat the gang for breakfast and the number of riders was edging up into expensive land!  We had an uneventful ride to the end of the trail, including Chip who 10 days ago had hernia surgery.  Several turned around to go back, so there were only 8 for breakfast at The Hard Bean.  One rider showed up later.  He trailed us by about 2-3 minutes the whole ride.  Treating everyone for breakfast and coffee cost me under $40.

On the return, Jack volunteered to ride with me on an extension of the breakfast ride.  We looped around the airport.  I showed him the emu.  He had heard that there was one near the airport but had never seen it.  We laughed at a funny image.  He told about the time he and his daughter had stopped at that very spot to take a picture of the sky and clouds.  What if … what if the emu was behind them the whole time and they never knew it?!

We wound our way back to Severna Park.  Jack was planning on another dozen miles or so.  I simply needed to keep riding so that I ended up with at least 57 miles, so we extended the ride south a little bit on the trail then said our goodbyes.

When I arrived at home, I had 58+ miles on the day, and a very good day on the fixie.

I’m now under 1,000 miles to go for my circumnavigation of the globe since 1/1/2010!

This Ride: 58.3 miles
Malaria Campaign: 1,670.5 miles
Funds Pledged: $835.25
Contributed in support: $2,153.60

Total = $2,988.85

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