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We Now Call it Tasty Tuesday

by on August 27, 2013

The Severna Park Peloton likes alliteration and names the weekday rides.

Mosey Monday

Terrible Tuesday

Wicked Wednesday

Torture Thursday

Friendly/Fixie Friday

Now add to that “Tasty Tuesday” since our Terrible Tuesday ride ends at The Big Bean for coffee and usually a hot breakfast cookie.  Yum!

This morning’s ride started out pretty odd.  I switched to the Kona pulling off the fender, loaded a new water bottle, and transferred over the battery for the headlight.  As I pushed out the door, I noticed that it was starting to rain.  I did not see that coming.  I looped around back home and grabbed the fender, debating about whether or not to add a rain jacket.  It was warm enough that I simply left the jacket at home.  I was now running very late, and made it to the Rusty Bridge just before it was time to push off.  The light rain had surprised everyone.  We had a large group out (because it is Tasty Tuesday) and we started out easy on the now damp pavement.

The speed gradually ramped up at distinct points along the way.  We increased our speed at the end of Jennings Road, after crossing Robinson Road, after the hills on Old County Road, once we returned to the trail, & after we crossed Joyce Lane.  On the return, the pace was pretty fast all the way back into Severna Park.  Several times on the flat parts of the ride I looked down and saw speeds in excess of 25 mph.  We picked up some more light rain and wet roads as we were at the southern end of the route.

Then it was time for the “tasty” part of the ride.  Good coffee, good cookie, and great conversation was only interrupted by the need to leave and start our work days.

This Ride: 17.9 miles
Malaria Campaign: 1,710.2 miles
Funds Pledged: $940.61
Contributed in support: $2,253.60

Total = $3,194.21

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