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Wow! That was fun.

by on September 5, 2013

Dragging myself out of bed and getting on the bike this morning was much harder than usual.  I argued against it all the way for 45 minutes.  The only things tipping the balance toward riding was the Malaria Project and the fact that Clint was expecting me (since we talked last evening).  It was a slow ride to the Rusty Bridge and when we pushed off, there were 7 of us.

The morning was dark but the sky was spectacularly clear for our area.  More stars were visible than usual.  I love these lower humidity mornings.  We set an easy pace along the route.  The fast young guys were still snuggled in bed at home.  Along Old County Road, the pace started to increase some.  When we got to the trail, Dan jumped in front and set a very fast pace, spinning his legs as if he were on a fixie and the rest of us simply fell into line.  I always marvel at a paceline on the trail in the dark.  It was not unusual to look down and see 25 mph on the Garmin and being less than a foot away from the rear tire of the bike ahead of me.

There were a few little challenges for the lead as Dan flagged a little.  We kept the pace up enough that I had my best time ever for the last section of the trail, averaging 27 mph over that partial mile.  We then turned around, and I was in the lead for a little while while Dan caught his breath.  Then, Dan decided he needed to be somewhere.  He again jumped in front and set a quick pace with all of us trailing him like ducklings following mama.  Dan kept the hammer down on B&A Blvd, easing only for the idiot driver on B&A.

We were tooling along at 25 mph with 3 cars “stacked up” behind us because the lead driver was not going to pass until it was safe to do so.  This was garbage day along B&A and so there was a little more congestion than usual.  When the lead driver passed, he was followed by idiot driver and hot rod driver.  Hot Rod driver (#3 in line) laid on the horn, and as lead driver and idiot driver pulled back into the lane, he stomped on the gas passing the other two around a blind corner and upcoming hill (across the double yellow line, of course).  Idiot driver at this point is screaming and shaking his fist at us, and hits his brakes hard, coming to a complete stop in the roadway.  Dan shouts a warning and the paceline scatters as we hit the brakes to avoid colliding with the idiot driver, who after making his point, guns the engine and speeds away.

Someone never learned sharing in kindergarten.

This act dominated our conversation the rest of the ride.  The speed was fun.  The paceline was exciting.  The company was terrific.  We didn’t let idiot driver spoil the morning.  (I’m sure there are a few choice words for us too.)  Always vigilant.  Hopefully we don’t see a red late model Toyota very often, because this could escalate.

My intent is to ride tomorrow morning (about 25 miles) but I’m likely not going to be able to post a ride report.  Then, I’m incommunicado for 10 days.  Look for me again after that.

This Ride: 21 miles
Malaria Campaign: 1,879.9 miles
Funds Pledged: $1,034
Contributed in support: $2,353.60

Total = $3,387.60

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