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A Delightful Fall Ride Spoiled by an Inconsiderate Driver: Grumble, Grumble

by on October 24, 2013

I know basic physics and cycling.  If I get hit by a car … I lose.

Maryland has a 3 foot rule.  Drivers are to give bicyclists 3 feet of clearance at all times under all circumstances.

Evidently, some drivers are anxious to get to work in the morning.  Witness the northbound driver on Highway 2 at White’s Road this morning.  At White’s road, Highway 2 goes from 3 lanes to 2 with a very short merge lane after the intersection.  Many drivers use that lane to speed through the intersection and get ahead of one or two other vehicles (who have the right of way) in their game of passing as many cars as possible before they get to work.  This morning, one driver chose to add another car to the notch on his belt, and used the shoulder to pass that additional vehicle, a dump truck.  In order to do that, this point-keeping driver squeezed between me and the traffic on the shoulder of the road, giving me at least 6 inches of clearance at about twice the speed I was going.  He roared past the dump truck, cut in front of the truck, slamming on his brakes because the traffic was heavy and going slower than this Y%$Y^%*&.  The driver of the dump truck generously used the air horn before immediately turning right into the construction area that was his destination.  Granted, the truck driver did not use a turn signal, but I can only imagine the carnage had the driver of the dump truck turned right into the passing on the shoulder driver in the much smaller car.  It would have been almost as ugly as what might have happened to me had this Y%$Y^%*& clipped me with a mirror or the dump truck driver made a right hand turn into me at the construction site.


Having gotten that off my chest, it was a beautiful, cold, dark ride this morning.  I watched the sky lighten and then tinge with color.  We held a nice steady fast pace on our way back north thanks to Jeff S and his steady quick pull.  There were a few fun sprints scattered within the ride.  I put in 23 miles, closing in on a possible 1,000 mile month.  We are in the days when the first part of the ride is cold.  The second part of the ride is warm.  The hot shower is the best part of the ride.

This ride 23 miles
Malaria Campaign: 3,124.4 miles
Funds Pledged: $1,647.41
Contributed in support: $4,150.10

Total = $5,797.81

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