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Riding the Fixie: Prepping for Flatbread

by on November 6, 2013

After some minor maintenance to correct a wobbly rear wheel, I’ve been riding the fixie this week.  She is my intended ride for the infamous “Flatbread” 200k coming up on Saturday.  Dan has encouraged SPP riders to ride the fixie on this flat but often windy route.  I’m in.

Returning to the fixie after about a month, I notice that the saddle is a bit higher than what I’m presently riding on my Kona (I’ve changed saddles on that ride and still trying to dial it in).  The fixie saddle is also much less forgiving than the new saddle on the Kona (review to come after some more hours in the new saddle).  My biggest challenge on the fixie will be the need to carry a number of items with the temperature forecast and the need for food and hydration.  Do I install the handlebar bag on the fixie?  Do I ride with a butt pack?  These and other questions must be answered before Saturday morning’s ride.

Flatbread is a fun ride.  We anticipate at least 50 riders, which for us is a large group.  Speeds can be fast in that large a group or the route can throw us a real curve and put the wind in our face … hard.  Forecasts do little good.  Winds on Flatbread follow their own rules (or not).

Three solid rides are in the bank so far this week.  Chance of rain in the morning.  Friday breakfast ride upcoming.

Malaria Campaign: 3,418 miles
Funds Pledged: $1,795
Contributed in support: $4,170

Total = $5,965

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