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Crazy is More Fun with Others

by on December 10, 2013

No ride happened for SPP on Monday.  Temperatures were 34° F and rain was falling.  Everyone stayed indoors.

And then … it happened.  Monday evening, the forecast showed heavy snow for Tuesday at about dawn.  One rider sent out an email saying that he believed that the snow would come after our Tuesday Coffee Ride, so he was planning to ride.  A couple of others chimed in that they too would ride.  I was uncertain, but I set the alarm.

(Note: When one has been off the bike and out of the routine for 4 days in a row, just getting out there again is an effort!)

I awoke.  The precipitation looked to be hitting 6:30 – 7:00 am.  The radar showed it moving fast.  I dressed for wet and cold and pushed out of the house just a little later than usual.  Road surfaces showed slight dampness.  My bike tires left tracks.  When I arrived at the Rusty Bridge, I was the only rider in sight for about a minute.  Then, lights on the trail!  Lights on the road!  People were coming out.  We started out with 8 riders, adding one along the way.  We had a great conversational ride, taking it easy and noting the very first light sprinkles/snowflakes at the end of the trail.  We turned for the last leg to the coffee shop and arrived in great spirits and damp from sweat more than anything falling from the skies.  One more joined us at the shop … arriving by car.

We had great conversation.  It was lively.

And then … the Barista came over to us and said, “Dave called.  He said you better get going.  It is getting bad out there.”

The windows were steamed over because of all the moist air we were generating.  We dressed, all the while making fun of Dave.  When we got outside, it was raining/sleeting/snowing.  It was sticking to the cars.  We pushed off and soon discovered that about 14 mph was fast enough.  The sleet hitting exposed skin on our faces was quite painful.  But we chatted some more as we all made our way toward home.  One rider, who will remain nameless here had forgotten a fender and quickly discovered cold water running down his back and below.  He described it in quite some vivid detail.

Shortly after arriving home, the rain/sleet changed to all snow.  A few more minutes in the coffee shop would have saved some of the icy mix.

It was a great ride.  It was good to be out again.  My spouse just shook her head slowly from side to side when I asked for a towel to drop all the wet clothing on in the house.

This ride 17 miles
Malaria Campaign: 3,995 miles
Funds Pledged: $2,084
Contributed in support: $4,170

Total = $6,254

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