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2014 Cycling Goals

by on January 2, 2014

Publishing goals is a great start in terms of accountability.  So here goes nothing!

  1. Use the indoor trainer wisely to accompany regular outdoor riding.  Intervals is the main plan for the trainer.  (I hate trainers, but it looks like it is necessary at this point.)
  2. Complete a 1000k ride.  A group of us are going to ride Lap Around the Lake (Ontario) in July!
  3. Complete my third Flèche (24 hour ride).
  4. Complete my third R-12 and with any luck at all, 29 consecutive months of riding a 200k or greater.
  5. Finish the Malaria Campaign with at least $9,000 raised by June 1, 2004.
  6. Finish the RUSA Route to Ocean City and back, get it submitted and approved.
  7. Have fun!

Bonus Goal: Dare I say it?  Ride either an SR Series or a 1,200k.  Everything has to work out perfectly for this to happen.


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