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Layers: They Say to Wear Layers

by on January 8, 2014

And layers it was.  I rode this morning with two others.  My Garmin said it was 3.2 degrees out there, but it is always 5 degrees low.  I’ll call it 8°F, my personal record low temperature ride.  Yay for me!

I was mostly warm.  I got cold where there were no layers.

Two balaclavas, a shower cap (wind barrier) and helmet kept me warm up top.  There was ice in the shower cap after the ride.  My cheeks were exposed a bit and were very cold until my heart rate got up there and kept the blood flowing.

Craft long sleeve layer, long sleeve insulated jersey, Showers Pass jacket kept my core warm.

Bib shorts and Gore Windstopper soft shell on my legs.  I could have used another layer on my legs.  My hips were like ice at the end of the ride.

Thick wool socks, Lake winter boots, toe cover, chemical hand warmer, plastic bag, insulated boot cover kept my feet warm and toasty.

Wool glove liners, Winter gloves, ski gloves and a chemical hand warmer (just in case) kept my hands from ever feeling any bit of cold.

Oh … the biggest warmer on the whole ride?  A heart rate average of 134!  That generates a lot of heat.

No frostbite.  1 hour 13 minutes of ride time.

It was a good morning.

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