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Before the Storm

by on January 21, 2014

There were 7 of us out and riding this morning before the storm forecast to arrive in a few hours.  Right now, 6 inches of snow is predicted and lows tomorrow morning are forecast to be in the single digits.  Every single one of our regular riders indicated that it may be an indoor trainer day tomorrow.

Today’s ride was pleasant enough.  We finished with a stop at the coffee stop.  There was a fast group of four and a slower group (me included) content with an easy ride.  Nothing much to report.

Backfilling a few days …

Yesterday was a day that I could have ridden for a very long time.  I don’t quite know what happened, but about 20 minutes into the ride everything clicked.  I was riding with a relatively low heart rate and good speed.  My legs felt as though they were made for spinning.  I was ready to ride all day, except for the fact that I had a to do list that was much too long to put off once again.  I completely enjoyed the ride.

After the icy fall 10 days ago, I’ve only ridden 4 times … one of those was a 200k on 1/13/14.  Work has just been too busy to keep up with the blog.  I was out of town 3 days and had 3 funerals in 2 weeks.  It adds up.

Updating on the miles and the Malaria project:

Malaria Campaign: 4,490 miles
Total Contributed & Pledged: $6,500

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