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by on January 27, 2014

I was nearly giddy with excitement to see the thermometer reading of 38°F this morning at 5 am.  I planned to ride outdoors this morning and posted an invite to the SPP group, but I was expecting mid twenties.  Thirty-eight was more than I could ask for!  The forecast is for temps below 15 the next two mornings, so this is a real treat.

There were six out this morning.  We all commented about how good it was to be out again.  We rode the “winter route” which essentially avoids the B&A Trail.  Much of the Trail is impassible by road bike because of crusty snow and ice.  There were still patches of sketchy road surfaces, and along the highways, there remains enough salt on the roads that the passing cars stir it up into dust.  Instead of “eat my dust” it is “eat my salt” these days.

It was an easy ride on the fixie this morning.  We did encounter one large deer that thought better of crossing in front of us.  We appreciated the courtesy demonstrated by that decision.

I found myself lacking in the conversation department.  It was just nice to be out.

I’m behind my goal miles for the month, with little chance of catching up by the end of the week.  The monthly distance will have to be what it is.  I will say that I’m ahead of my 4 year average distance for January!

Malaria Campaign: 4,555 miles
Total Contributed & Pledged: $6,533

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