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Malaria Campaign Update – January 2014

by on February 3, 2014

The month of January was a hard one for consistent riding.  We had snow, cold temperatures, and more snow.  I rode outdoors 10 times, and spent 5 hours on the indoor bike going nowhere.

The month saw two personal records set for lowest temperatures ridden.  On January 8th I rode in 8°F.  On January 30th, it was 6° when I rode.  I crashed once in January.  The road started dry, then progressed to wet, and then suddenly to all ice.  I slid on the ice covered road for about 30 feet without tearing any clothing.

For the month, 384 miles.

Total distance since June 1, 2013 = 5,615

Total funds raised for the Malaria Campaign = $7,063

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