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“Ice!” We called out at least 30 times

by on February 26, 2014

Four hearty riders were out this morning for a ride in predicted snow flurries.  It had been snowing for hours … but none of it had made it to the ground until about 5 minutes before our start time at the Rusty Bridge.  In those last 5 minutes of pre-ride, the road and trail surfaces started to pick up a light dusting of snow and we were all prepared to ride on accumulating snow.  But, before we knew it, it was as if the snow evaporated and the pavement was dry again … except for the icy patches.

As you might guess, ice is quite dangerous for us on road bikes.  We are riding on about 2 square inches of rubber while balanced on the bike.  Any change in power to the wheel (accelerating or slowing) as well as any kind of lateral movement can send us sliding.  It was good that we could mostly see the icy patches before we hit them.  Most we just rolled over.  Some we slid across.  It really wasn’t too bad, except the wooden bridges that were both snow and ice covered from yesterday’s snow.  Three bridge were traversed.  Three times we held our breath and attempted to maintain control.  Three times we successfully negotiated those hazards.   (Dan made it 5 times.)  I’m pleased to say there were no incidents.

We are all ready for winter to be over … except the weather controllers are not listening to us.  In two days lows will be in the lower “teens” F.  There is talk about a huge winter storm possible next week.

To give you an idea about how tough this year has been: Today was the first time all year I’ve ridden outside 3 consecutive days.  Last year, that milestone was accomplished on January 4th.

Updating the Malaria Campaign:

Malaria Campaign: 4,955 miles
Total Contributed & Pledged: $6,733

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