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That’s More Like It!

by on March 10, 2014

What a miserable March this has been thus far.  Weekends have been nice, but I rarely ride on the weekends.  We’ve had a major snowstorm.  We’ve had bitter cold.  We’ve had threat of freezing rain.  And my mood has been foul.

I climbed on the trainer on March 4 for an hour long hard work of intervals.  But that was my only “ride” through the first 9 days of March!  Awful!

Then, this morning, something new happened.  The temperature was 39°F.  Above freezing!

I jumped on the Kona and met 7 others at the Rusty Bridge.  We had a Mosey Monday pace going for the first half of the ride, then Dan got in front and started picking up the pace.  Everyone responded, although some of us grumbled a bit.  The pace kept accelerating until finally on the last little hill all were competing for King of the Mountain.  I spiked my heart rate and it felt good!

As it turns out, this was the fastest ride of the year outside (so far).  It wasn’t a high speed, but what a difference it makes when there is not snow and ice to avoid.

Now it is time to rack up the miles and get these legs back into shape.  I’ve got some big rides coming up and need to have a lot of miles in the legs in order to ride them comfortably.



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