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Come On! I’m Tired of the Cold!

by on March 27, 2014

Yet another sub-freezing ride this morning.  This has been a long and hard winter.  I’ve ridden outdoors only 32 times this year and 19 of those were sub-freezing rides.  That’s 60%!  Many of those days I missed were because of cold or dangerous conditions.  My ride days percentage is abysmal.  It is only about 33%.

Now, I get it that that’s what to expect during the winter in the northern hemisphere.  I get it that it is worse in many other parts of the country.  I get it that whining is not very becoming.  But I’m ready for some warmer weather riding on a consistent basis!  Normal lows this time of year around here should be about 37° F, or about 15 degrees warmer than it was this morning.  Normal temps I will not complain about!

Dan and I had an ok ride, considering that we were both grumbling about the weather.  We took it easy.  Neither of us rode yesterday because of snow and cold.  But it was only the two of us.  Scott met us at the Rusty Bridge, but he was riding on to work.

I’m on track to surpass my mileage goal for the month, despite all the challenges.  Tomorrow’s ride will put me over the top.  Notice that a milestone has been passed in the Malaria Campaign.  Now over $7,000 has been raised … the hard way.

For the month, 540 miles.

Total distance since June 1, 2013 = 5,520 

Total funds raised for the Malaria Campaign = $7,016

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