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Let the Whining Begin!

by on April 16, 2014

In 24 hours, the temperature dropped 30°.  Yesterday at 5:30 am 62°.  Today at 5:30 am 32°.

I pulled out all my cold weather riding gear again, including balaclava, shoe covers, winter shoes, gloves, jacket, etc.  I jumped on the Fixie determined to ride.  One other rider joined me at the Rusty Bridge.  The ride was an effort, not the smooth fast ride of yesterday.  In the end, I even decided to head home the shorter way.  But I’m glad I got out there and rode.  Later in the day was just not going to happen.

The email thread after the ride had comments about how long and cold the winter has been and that people are tired of riding in the cold.  I’ll admit, I considered staying in a warm bed this morning too.

But come on!  Ya gotta ride!

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  1. Dennis O permalink

    Rode in lite snow flakes and 35 deg Mon,, sunny and 50 degs Tues, and today will be sunny and maybe 60 W/25 mph winds. Spring is past due.

  2. saltyvelo permalink

    Sling a leg and ride on!

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