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Flèche Week Begins

by on April 21, 2014

This week is a highlight of the year with the upcoming Flèche on Saturday.  Of course it is the topic of conversation on our morning ride.  Everyone riding this morning is on a Flèche team.  But this year is not without it’s challenges.

Team Chain Reaction (our team): One team member pulled out due to a broken pelvis.  Three others have had some late occurring bike problems, including me.  I hope the replacement frame arrives today, so the bike can be built up and tweaked before the big ride.

Team 4 Guys and Where is the other Guy?: Is another team down to 4 riders.  They appear to be in pretty good shape.

Team True Grit: Some bike problems and a steep ramp up in fitness.  They’ve done a fair amount of riding together the past several weeks, but one member typically doesn’t bring enough warm clothing.  Another member may have a medical condition that eliminates that rider.

The Big Bean has put an announcement on its Facebook page about opening at 6 am on Saturday for our send-off party.

Tonight, we have an all Flèche Happy Hour.

And for the rest of the week we will watch the weather forecasts, plan clothing and on bike nutrition/hydration and review the route at least a dozen times.

I’m looking forward to my 3rd Flèche.

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