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Bracketing the Weekend

by on May 19, 2014

Friday, Annapolis Bike To Work Day was canceled due to stormy weather and flooding.  That was a disappointment to many in the Severna Park Peloton, but four of us made the best of it.  We donned our rain gear and pedaled to Annapolis in heavy rain and very windy conditions.  At least it was warm.


Three of the intrepid riders


Flooding in Annapolis


Back over the bridge in the rain

While in the coffee shop, we didn’t know that the temperature dropped 10 degrees.  We were quite puzzled about how chilly the return trip was.  Along the way back, Bob developed a rear flat.  There is nothing quite like fixing a flat in the rain.  It was good to get home and in a warm shower.

This morning, the alarm went off at 4 am.  I hit the snooze button once (having not had a good night’s sleep) but then got up and was out the door before 5 am.  I had planned to ride the Kona this morning, but encountered a rear flat, so it was back on the fixie.  I rode north into Glen Burnie, getting in about 10 miles before hitting the Rusty Bridge and joining the 4 other riders for Mosey Monday.  It was a slower, easy ride.  None of the people riding the weekend 600k showed up … but then we didn’t expect them to.  Maybe tomorrow for coffee.

It was 31 miles on the day.  Total miles for May is really pretty low.  I’m needing to get many more miles in this month.  I’m considering at least 2 200k rides and a century next week and that should help some.

Bible Verses of the Day:

When individuals quarrel and one strikes the other with a stone or fist so that the injured party, though not dead, is confined to bed, (Exodus 21:18 NRSV)

But when the disciples surrounded him, he got up and went into the city. The next day he went on with Barnabas to Derbe. (Acts 14:20 NRSV)

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