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Epic Week? Day 2: Where Did That Come From?

by on May 27, 2014

One of our SPP riders has a “rule” that you get to rest 1 day for each 200k you’ve ridden.  By that rule, I get a rest day.  Nonsense!  Not when you are planning a 1,000k!  Besides, Tuesday is Coffee Day.

I was out of the house early enough this morning to take a little longer route to the Rusty Bridge.  My legs felt pretty good.  My butt was fine.  I was enjoying the post long ride phenomenon of a lower pulse despite the effort.  When we gathered at the Rusty Bridge, several of us announced that this would likely be an easy day.  I remember saying, “I don’t know what kind of speed is left in my legs.”

As we rolled off, Scott W quickly took the lead and set a brisk pace.  There were 4 riders with him in that group and several others hanging back.  I remember thinking, “What am I doing in this fast group?”  I hung on, and we slowed for a time, until we got back on the trail, and off we went again.  My legs felt good, so I stayed with it.

At Old County Road, I powered up the hills as much as I could, and then pushed to close a gap that had formed ahead of me.  I was caught by some other riders, and tucked in behind them, and soon we were back on the trail flying fast.  A couple of times people commented that I was riding pretty fast for having ridden a 200 k the day before.  I stayed with this group, and we pressed on.  Near the end of the trail, I sprinted hard and noted 27 mph on the Garmin.  We didn’t linger at the turn around (and that served us well) but also didn’t press quite so hard on the northerly trip … at least until Dan caught us and increased the pace once again.  Now we were flying once again on our northerly section.  Getting to the little last hill, cars prevented me from really kicking it again, but once they passed, I passed a few riders while going up the hill.  We arrived at the coffee shop before it opened, the sign of a fast ride.

After coffee, and a leisurely ride home, I plugged in the Garmin and found that I had set 3 personal records on Strava segments, including my 12 mile private segment that contains what I call the “Fast Part of 545”.  A personal record (4 years of history) the day after a 200 k!  Where did that come from?  Clearly my hydration & nutrition plan worked.

Bible Verses of the Day:

tanned rams’ skins, and fine leather; acacia wood, (Exodus 35:7 NRSV)

Then he said, ‘The God of our ancestors has chosen you to know his will, to see the Righteous One and to hear his own voice; (Acts 22:14 NRSV)

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