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by on June 3, 2014

The morning started as every morning does, full of potential and with endless possibilities.  I wasn’t in any hurry to get out the door, but enjoyed the little bit of solo time before the meet up at the Rusty Bridge.

I saw a deer.  I watched a leaping bunny.  (Most bunnies I see are only running/hopping.  This one made a mad dash to the woods and leaped a couple of feet in the air to clear a bush.) I saw a squirrel run across the road, change directions immediately before slamming into my wheel, and dashing off the other way.  The turn compressed that squirrel into something the size of a chipmunk.

There were 9 riders out this morning.  We started out easy enough, but then Scott W pressed the pace and we were off.  As usual, there was a split in the group as some went to climb the hill at Askewton, and four of us simply stayed on Old County Road.  We formed into a 4 man paceline and kept the speed up down the trail, back north on the trail, on B&A Blvd, and through the light at McKinsey with only one pause.  A police officer was sitting in the driveway of the fire station in Arnold and as we crossed Jones Station Road, we all came to a complete stop.

That stop cost me the fastest time on the speed part of our ride.  I tied my personal record for the Strava segment that covers what I call “The fast part of 545”.  On the day, I had the fastest average time for a ride this year (which included our slow pace after the coffee shop) and my highest speed achieved on the year.  Yes, I exceeded the speed limit on B&A Blvd on my bike.

When we reached the coffee shop, we were drenched in sweat and ready to give our legs a break.  A couple of different guys commented on my increased speed and strength.  That felt good.

And the ride felt good.  Sometimes you just have to get all of that out of your system.

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