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Preparing for the 1000k (Part 2)

by on July 4, 2014

Other than riding 5 days this week there was finally some good bike prep for the upcoming ride.  My component wear was close enough that a number of things were replaced.  So now the bike has:

  • New tires front and back (Continental Grand Prix 4 Seasons is my go-to tire)  What a difference new tires make!
  • New 50T Chain Ring (Other one was looking a little sharky)
  • New chain (Shimano Ultegra 10 speed)
  • Bike washed and lubricated
  • Checked on conditions of pedals, bottom bracket, and brakes

That’s in addition to new headset bearings a couple of weeks ago and refurbished hubs in mid-May.

I keep a spreadsheet on all my bike maintenance so that I know exactly how many miles a component has had and what my previous experience has been.  That allows me to anticipate and really watch for the typical replacement times.  This time, I accelerated the replacement of a few items because typical wear out miles would have occurred during the ride.

I won’t be riding this weekend.  There are too many other obligations.

I’ll spin easy on Monday and Tuesday mornings.  We load up the bikes and take off Tuesday morning for our Wednesday evening start.

I hope to post photos of the packing process.  That will take place on Monday.


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