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Mosey Monday … Not!

by on July 21, 2014

After last week’s “recovery rides” we are getting back into our routines.  This morning we had six of the core SPP riders out on a 70°F morning.  It was much darker than it has been.  We know we are losing the light in the mornings now until December.  We left at a pretty quick pace which gradually increased throughout the ride.  By the end of the ride, we were full on riding as fast and hard as we could.  At one point, I was gapped by about 150 yards and decided to play catch up.  I got within 30 yards, rolling along at 25 mph and watching the small group ahead pull slowly away.  Scott later said he saw 32 mph on his bike computer.  Yes it was fun.  Yes, tomorrow will likely be even faster.  July is like that as some of the riders are watching the Tour de France.

I’m still working out the details of my next cycling goal set.  It may be related to the upcoming Seagull Century in September.  I’m still putting together the details.  I like riding with longer range goals in mind.

Yesterday I fixed the front derailleur shifting problem.  The front derailleur had been bumped out of kilter (likely as we were loading or unloading the bikes in the trailer for the 1,000k).  It was a simple fix and shifting is good now.

Update: 4359 miles on the year so far.  At 864 for the month.  I would like to have a 1,000 mile month, and I think barring some disaster, it will happen.


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